Saturday, April 7, 2018

Thank you Linda in Canada!

I went to the other day to get a random name and address to send a card and I pulled up a great match! First, let me tell you that we revived my mom's old typewriter, an Olympia from the 70's I think. My daughter has enjoyed playing with it as I did when I was was a kid. I had thought about using it to type out a card but hadn't done so yet and figured I would save that for a day when someone mentioned typewriters on their profile. Linda didn't just mention typewriters... but brought up the topic of handmade fabric cards. I had thought about making a card with handmade paper before, but not fabric. I wasn't sure if either would make it through the mail (will find out soon!) Searching for information, I came across a lot of applique and quilting type of cards and that just doesn't fit my style - but could I print on my fabric? That got me playing around with ideas for a while. My daughter also had a project going so it was a morning of creation in our house. Was a lot of experimentation - trying to figure out how to keep the ink from washing out ... still bled more than I would like - but was fun and I learned some things that I feel I can tie into both my photography and art in the future. So Linda in Canada - thank you for inspiring me. I hope you receive your card and it withstands the trip!!!!

The original shot can be found on my flickr page

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