Monday, January 22, 2018

Last Year's Vigilantes

This is the time of year activities begin to pick up. Mardi Gras is on it's way - spring gets everyone moving again - and then it's on to one of my favorite times of year with Festival International. This weekend, however, I will be camping with scouts and attending the Vigilantes on the Bayou Re-enactment at the Longfellow State Historic Site in St. Martinville, LA. Last year I snapped some nice shots and I realized I never shared them here! Looking forward to taking some new ones.

More about the Longfellow State Historic Site Here

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Icicle Bicycle

It's been quite an unusual winter here in southern Louisiana. It's has snowed. We have camped with scouts in 26 degree temps. And this week, there has been record lows for our area and icy roads. The ice from the roof melted and dripped onto a bike that just happened to be laying right under the drip line. I can forget the cold for a bit if it involves the search for a satisfying photo!