Friday, September 30, 2022

Painting and Postcrossing Again

Trying to fit painting into my schedule again and using Postcrossing as an incenetive. I am finishing this one, which I will likely just send to myself as a test. It's acrylic on handmade paper, and while I question whether the paper would have held up on it's own, I'm sure it will be fine with the layers.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Bolete Mushroom

It's been a rainy week here which has given mushrooms a good opportunity to fruit. Coincidently I pulled a postcrosser from the Czech Republic that likes watercolor cards and nature illustrations. While staying as true to the mushroom as I could I chose this one that popped up in the grass. A mushroom id group on facebook gave a few species names... and it seems as though within the past couple of years new genus names have been given to several mushrooms in the Boletaceae family - so we are just calling this one a Bolete.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Pollination Post Card

Another postcard going out soon. This postcrosser in Russia requested bees, wasps, or other pollinators. This was a design I came up with a while back for something else but never really used it. I thought it might make a nice card. Waiting on prints I ordered. I think he'll like this one.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Thank you Linda in Canada!

I went to the other day to get a random name and address to send a card and I pulled up a great match! First, let me tell you that we revived my mom's old typewriter, an Olympia from the 70's I think. My daughter has enjoyed playing with it as I did when I was was a kid. I had thought about using it to type out a card but hadn't done so yet and figured I would save that for a day when someone mentioned typewriters on their profile. Linda didn't just mention typewriters... but brought up the topic of handmade fabric cards. I had thought about making a card with handmade paper before, but not fabric. I wasn't sure if either would make it through the mail (will find out soon!) Searching for information, I came across a lot of applique and quilting type of cards and that just doesn't fit my style - but could I print on my fabric? That got me playing around with ideas for a while. My daughter also had a project going so it was a morning of creation in our house. Was a lot of experimentation - trying to figure out how to keep the ink from washing out ... still bled more than I would like - but was fun and I learned some things that I feel I can tie into both my photography and art in the future. So Linda in Canada - thank you for inspiring me. I hope you receive your card and it withstands the trip!!!!

The original shot can be found on my flickr page

Monday, January 22, 2018

Last Year's Vigilantes

This is the time of year activities begin to pick up. Mardi Gras is on it's way - spring gets everyone moving again - and then it's on to one of my favorite times of year with Festival International. This weekend, however, I will be camping with scouts and attending the Vigilantes on the Bayou Re-enactment at the Longfellow State Historic Site in St. Martinville, LA. Last year I snapped some nice shots and I realized I never shared them here! Looking forward to taking some new ones.

More about the Longfellow State Historic Site Here

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Icicle Bicycle

It's been quite an unusual winter here in southern Louisiana. It's has snowed. We have camped with scouts in 26 degree temps. And this week, there has been record lows for our area and icy roads. The ice from the roof melted and dripped onto a bike that just happened to be laying right under the drip line. I can forget the cold for a bit if it involves the search for a satisfying photo!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Festival International de Louisiane

I know I mentioned how busy things have been in the last post that was all the way back around Mardi Gras... but whew - do I underestimate how much goes on in the spring. Best time of the year and the time of year that my most anticipated event rolls around, Festival International de Louisiane. I was a bit unsure how this year would turn out- but it ended up being one of the best! Hard to pic a favorite performer this year!

Here's a link to the gallery on The Independent of Lafayette's site.